Acoustic Blues Weekend


29~30 October 2011 at The Cobo Bay Hotel

A concert and workshop by the UK's leading Blues Masters



For full artist profiles go and check them out!

www.michaelmesser.co.uk ~ www.michaelroach.com



Saturday 29th October at 7.30pm

The size of the venue limits the number of tickets, please book early to avoid disappointment.

Concert tickets £16.50

Musician's saver ticket ~ both concert and workshop £35.00

Sunday 30th October at 10.30am

A two hour acoustic guitar blues workshop.. Obviously these classes will be number dependant, but the content will be tailored to suit your needs.

It's important to remember that you do not have to be a virtuoso to join these classes as the tutition will be geared to accommodate all levels ~ so that all players gain from the class since the aim of the weekend is to encourage everybody to play the blues!

Workshop ticket £25.00

Musician's saver ticket ~ both concert and workshop £35.00

Please do check for updates particularly as regards the workshops

Further information email info@weekendblues.org

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Tickets and Payment

There are three booking options ~

* Concert only ticket at £16.50

* Workshop only ticket £25.00

* Concert and Workshop ticket £35.00




The Guernsey Blues Weekend ‘Acoustic Blues House Party!’ is happening on Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th October 2011 at the Cobo Bay Hotel. Tickets are available now from this site.

On Saturday night there will be an acoustic Blues concert and on Sunday morning a series of acoustic Blues guitar workshops.


Michael Roach was born in Washington DC and he sings and plays guitar in an East Coast style of Blues that dates back to the 1920s. After spending several years learning directly from such well known figures as John Jackson, John Cephas and Jerry Ricks, Michael Roach is a master of the Blues and an exceptional performer. Michael is without question one of the leading exponents of East Coast Acoustic Blues in the World. Over the past 20 years he has conducted numerous workshops throughout the USA and Europe and as a cultural arts performer has promoted African-American culture through the medium of Blues. Michael has lectured for the Smithsonian Institute and Oxford University.

Michael Roach is the founder of the European Blues Association and serves as its Director of Development. He is the director, guitar instructor and vocals tutor for the annual Blues Week programme at the University of Northampton. Michael also presented 'Deep Blue', a three part series on Blues music for BBC Radio 4. Now based in Gloucestershire, it is Michael Roach’s communication skills, together with his stunning musicianship and untiring enthusiasm that has enabled him to bring about a greater understanding of Blues music and the Black experience to British and European audiences.

Michael Messer is a virtuoso slide guitarist performing some of the greatest Blues tunes produced this century. His playing encompasses the entire history of the Blues slide and steel guitar, being highly individual and contemporary along with haunting vocals ooze authenticity and integrity. The American magazine, ‘Spirit’ listed Michael Messer as one of the greatest slide guitarists ever, alongside Son House, Duane Allman and Ry Cooder. Being English with an international reputation for Blues slide guitar is a rarity in itself and Michael’s obsessive appetite for knowledge of his art is virtually unrivalled. Accolades include ‘Acoustic Blues Artist of the Year’, a US number one Blues album with ‘King Guitar’ and the award for ‘Best International Blues Guitar Album’ with ‘Second Mind’. Michael is included in the ‘Virgin Encyclopedia of the Blues’ where his name appears alongside many of the Blues masters that inspired him as a young man. In addition, Johnny Cash was a fan of Michael Messer’s music and wrote the liner notes for his album ‘Rhythm Oil’. The only other album Cash ever did this for is Bob Dylan’s ‘Nashville Skyline’.
Michael has recently appeared in his own ‘Blues Slide Guitar’ episode of the BBC TV series, ‘Zingzillas’, a first for the Blues! Michael also has a successful brand of MM guitar products, including ‘Michael Messer Resonator Guitars’, ‘Michael Messer National Guitar Strings’, and Michael Messer Slide Guitar Tuition DVDs.

Ed Genis was born in Berkshire and started playing guitar in the early 1960s and is a master musician. When he was in his teens he was inspired by seeing the Shadows on television and many of the Blues ‘greats’ at the legendary Riki Tik Club. For over four decades Ed has played and taught guitar in a wide range of bands and musical styles, but it is for his twenty eight years playing guitar with Michael Messer that Ed Genis is so well known and respected among musicians and Blues & Roots music aficionados.

Michael Messer is a musician with a reputation as one of the foremost exponents of slide guitar, and on this performance, that reputation was totally merited. In Ed Genis he has a more than able second guitar player, whose versatility as a support was superior to some lead players. This was an excellent performance by two musicians at the top of their game.
Bill Smith – Blues In Britain

A Michael Roach, Michael Messer & Ed Genis performance is more than an Acoustic Blues concert. As masters of the Blues, these three musicians explore many different areas of Blues & Roots musical styles. The evening will consist of three sets; Michael Roach will perform solo and will take the audience on a very entertaining journey through a hundred years of East Coast Acoustic Blues. Michael Messer & Ed Genis will perform as a duo and will play material from their repertoire developed over nearly three decades playing music together. Playing original material and classic Blues standards they have an intuitive telepathic rapport with each other on stage with Michael’s superb slide and lap steel guitar playing is enhanced by Ed Genis's dexterous mastery of the rhythm guitar. Then for the second half of the evening, Michael Roach, Michael Messer and Ed Genis, will perform a one hour set as a trio. Their show is a mesmerizing mix of Blues styles performed in a relaxed songsters circle unplugged-style by three masters of their art.



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On Sunday morning at 10:30 for two hours there will be a series of Blues Guitar workshops held at the Cobo Bay Hotel. Open to players of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced, these workshops will help guitarists to develop their playing and their understanding of the Blues. For the first hour Michael Roach will hold a Fingerpicking Blues Guitar workshop, Michael Messer will teach Slide/Bottleneck guitar, and Ed Genis will teach Rhythm Guitar in the Blues. In the second hour all three musicians will hold a workshop together - teaching and discussing the art of playing together in a band or duo and the etiquette of playing with people in jam sessions. This will incorporate vocals and guitar playing.

Tickets for the concert and the workshops are available now.